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Edge of Darkness
"I hold in my hands a blade so fierce
It could kill you unassisted
I prefer to wear my armor light
So that my actions are not resisted."
                                         -Purple Sword Lady
When life gives you lemons, you squeeze the hell out of those melons.

Not entirely unrelated, here's a link to an alternate version on my
NSFW Version
*beep beep*... Target acquired.
The VK-17 is a robot designed for precise aerial combat, capable of slicing airplanes in half with its sword and flying at mach 3. However, while its mobility is unmatched, its thin plating on the body leaves it somewhat frail, but when nobody can hit you, does that really matter?

This thing was a lot of fun to design. I more or less began with the weapons, which were inspired by the first boss of Ikaruga, and drew a machine to wield them. Oddly enough, the shape of the head was the most difficult part, despite it literally just being an egg wearing a crown.
Rena Decapitated
After how frustrating that last painting was to do, I took it out on Rena here. Don't worry, she'll be fine. Being a fictional character without any canon has its advantages.
This is my character, Rena, drawn in a very anime style that, for once, I actually think turned out well.
oh my god, guys, i was looking Around on youtube, and i found that scott cawthon just released the teaser trailer for five nights at freddy's 4! it didn't reveal much, but the Puppet seems to be the focus this time, and there's anotheR new anImatronic; it Looks like a FrOg or tOad, maybe. anyways, I'm super excited, if you couldn't teLl. it just goes to Show how dedicated he is to these games, seeing as how the last one was only a month ago.
here's a link to the trailer: [link]


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Ronan Ferro
United States
I make drawings on paper, on the computer, and anywhere else, really. I've been drawing my whole life, and, while I don't think I'm great or anything, I really enjoy drawing and art in general.


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